Buying and selling a property is a very relevant fact that we must think very well before carrying it out.
However, there are different circumstances that will help us to take the necessary step.

First of all, whether we want to buy or sell, we have to take into account the Euribor.
The relationship between Euribor and mortgage loans is close and binding.
Because in variable interest mortgage loans, the interest rate at which the borrower must repay the amount borrowed is composed of a fixed percentage and a reference rate, which is usually the Euribor.
compraventa de viviendas
Therefore, if we want to sell, the Euribor will condition us in relation to its rise, since if it rises excessively it will be a reason to make it difficult to attract buyers.

On the other hand, if we want to buy a property, now is the time to do so. Before the Euribor rises, as we will be able to get better properties at a better price.

It is worth noting that the Euribor is currently in positive territory, so the demand for housing is booming.

This brings us to our second point to consider, as housing has become the main investment resource.

The purchase of properties for holiday rentals, or second homes, has skyrocketed. Especially in the more touristic areas, such as the south of Tenerife, as it is a very safe investment.

What is the reason for this boom in purchase and sale of dwellings in the south of Tenerife? Mainly because the economic crisis caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine has caused tourism to move to other areas of Europe.
And the Canary Islands have been chosen as an ideal tourist destination for their tranquillity, diversity of landscapes and good climate all year round.

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